A Unique Expertise on Counter Cyber Terrorism.


01 / Facilitate

Facilitate a forum to raise awareness of the threat of cyber terrorism and innovative counter measures with professionals in various industries and government agencies.

02 / Empower

Empower decision makers with innovative recommendations and encourage closer cooperation between industries and government agencies regarding the fight against international terrorism.

03 / Integrate

Integrate academic knowledge with expert practical experience in cyber security and intelligence fields relating to counter terrorism.


The Global Consortium for Counter Cyber Terrorism

(GC³T ) was created as a

non-profit corporation and independent think tank to provide unique expertise in counter cyber terrorism arena.

Crucial counter cyber terrorism insight is essential in the development of effective cyber security policies and actions for organizations, corporations, and nations.

Focused on present and future malicious terrorist cyber capability, GC³T innovative concepts, and analysis of cyber security measures are designed to reduce the risk of terrorist attacks that threaten the safety and welfare of innocent victims.

Based in the USA with members worldwide, GC³T relies exclusively on private donations and revenue from events, projects, and programs.


To be the preeminent worldwide organization of leading thought regarding the counter cyber terrorism arena.

Complement and contribute to other leading counter terrorism organizations in their quest to disseminate innovative ideas for corporations and policymakers in the fight against terrorism.


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Enduring relationships with trusted peers are the core of the GC³T experience. GC³T provides numerous ways grow your professional network in-person and online through events, programs, meetings, and webinars. Confidential peer dialogue provides you with a broader perspective and shared experiences, as well as access to accurate data and best practices.


GC³T provides visibility for its members through speaking engagements, marketing communications, and event sponsorship. These activities provide an opportunity to maximize exposure to the right audience.


GC³T highlights technology, businesses, leadership, economic trends, and public policy issues through its programming and communications. Members have access to analytics on IT, tech trends, and other industry data.


Levels of Membership


The GC³T resource section highlights material to inform you on the best practices, educate, and provide guidance for the rapidly evolving counter cyber terrorism environment.


*Membership subject to review and approval by the GC³T Board of Directors.